Groups & Parties

Kalyumet Looking for a fun place to hold you next party or group outing? Kalyumet Fore Fun is the perfect location to hold your next event. Whether you are planning a birthday party for 10 or a group outing for more, we can help you plan an event your group will love. Kalyumet Fore Fun offers great Birthday Parties for kids and terrific mini-golf and laser tag packages for Groups!


With just one visit you will see why smiles are on faces and laughter is in the air at Kalyumet Fore Fun. Bring your family and friends to Kalyumet and watch the smiles appear:

  • Play a round of mini-golf on our family friendly course.
  • Try the action filled Outdoor Laser Tag Experience.
  • Turn tickets into treasures at the largest arcade in the Cook Forest area.
  • Enjoy pizza, wings and other treats in air-conditioned comfort.
  • Keep cool with a soft serve ice cream cone, sundae or shake.
  • Take a selfie with our 7-foot tall tie-dye bear.

So whether you live in the area or are just visiting for the day, a weekend or longer plan a visit to Kalyumet Fore Fun, you’ll be glad you did!

Laser Tag

Come to Kalyumet Fore Fun and enjoy the Outdoor Laser Tag Experience. The ultimate team sport, outdoor laser tag is the perfect family event and appropriate for everyone age 6 and above. Groups of 2 to 20 players can team-up and play this action packed competition.

At Kalyumet Fore Fun, laser tag is played on a 3 acre wooded field. The tactical level of play is tailored to each individual group. Whether you are a beginner who prefers to play an open game with a lot of running and fun or a more experienced gamer who prefers strategy, team work and a variety of scenarios we can accommodate all styles of play.

Laser tag is great for birthday parties, group outings, team building, family reunions, graduation or after prom parties and all other group events. If you are tired of the same old party call us today to schedule your outdoor laser tag experience at Kalyumet Fore Fun.

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update – 6/6/2020

Fore Fun has resumed daily operations and is offering curbside food service, miniature golf, yummy cartons of Perry’s ice cream, cyclones, milkshakes and
Pepsi products. The arcade and redemption counter are open and spin tees are available. 

Occupancy limits are in place. You must wear a mask and have your hands sanitized in order to enter.  

Fore Fun will be closed on Tuesdays.

The following services at Kalyumet Fore Fun are unavailable at this time - laser tag, VR escape room and birthday parties.

To stay informed of all of our COVID-19 policies, go to our Camping & Cabins Page and select the "ABOUT" tab on our Navigation Bar and click on "POLICIES" in the dropdown.


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